Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Localfilipino.com is a web based online Filipino portal specializing in marketing and promoting Filipino events, concerts, shows and businesses that cater to the Filipino community. The uniqueness of this website is that they are city specific so that their visitors will be able to target an individual location catering to the Filipino community where they are living in or traveling to. LocalFilipino.com have been in existence since July 2004 with permanent offices in Las Vegas, Nevada and Makati City, Philippines. They are the first and only website of this nature for the Filipino community.

Localfilipino.com’s objective is to link the local Filipino community both in the Philippines as well as each individual city. As a leader in the online media for Filipinos worldwide, they provide real time information related to the Filipino community. Traditionally, Filipinos will refer to their local Filipino newspaper for news about upcoming shows, events, or businesses. Now, with Localfilipino.com they can access online, anytime, anywhere to get the latest information about upcoming shows, events, concerts or businesses. Now, even the smallest business has an opportunity to be exposed though their online Yellow pages. Their goal is to have every event, business and organization listed on their site in their respective city.

Their motto “Bridging the Filipino World” says it all. Their mission is to provide accurate and viable content to promote the Filipino community through a series of easy to navigate websites under one common interest. The key to their success is to create and maintain the most accurate, attractive and user friendly site to cater to the specific Filipino end user and all prospective entities that would benefit from catering to and within the Filipino community. Their goal is to provide access and links to all Filipino businesses, organizations, events and shows. They want to make it a one stop shop for anything and everything Filipino. So if your looking to travel, watch a concert, find a Filipino business, join an organization, invest in the Philippines, they have it all linked under each city they cater to.

For more info, please visit them at www.localfilipino.com

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