Saturday, January 26, 2008

My newest godson Elkie

I arrived at the church around 11:40am, good thing the rites haven't started yet...still waiting for the priest. It was kinda hot and sunny yesterday so todo paypay ako sa church. Thanks to the industrial fans inside, gulo ang hairdo ko. LOL. Anyways, the baby's so cute. Chubby like me. When I carried him, he's kinda heavy for a two month old. Mommy Ethel said he's bigger than their panganay, Basty.

After the baptism, the reception was at "Gubat" restaurant...I haven't been in this place. Actually, I didn't know that this resto exist here in Angeles City. The place is somewhat exotic. Full of exotic animals I tell you. It's like it has a mini zoo inside their premise. There are alot of birds, from small birds to big birds like an ostritch! Oh, they have this Burmese Phyton too. Sooo big that it can swallow a whole chicken! My friend said they are serving exotic foods there too like snakes, bayawak, farm rats, frogs and a lot more. Friends and visitors are fascinated with the place.

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