Saturday, January 12, 2008

10 things...

Here are my list of 10 things what I love and hate:

1. I love to eat: seafoods and chocolates
2. I hate to eat: vegetables like ampalaya, raddish & okra
3. I love to go: to the beach and to cold places (so ironic noh?)
4. I hate to go: out when it's super hot and rainy
5. I love it when: i go shopping all by myself
6. I hate it when: i want to buy something but i don't have any money left
7. I love to see: new born babies... i love smelling them!
8. I hate to see: street children
9. I love to hear: his voice
10. I hate to hear: cars honking due to traffic

let me know what you love and hate... angela, cecil, chat & chubby


CHAT said...

Thanks for the tag, done with it na...

angela said...

thanks for the tag jean :)
have posted my reply to it na. TC!