Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What I'm Grateful For...

Thanks to Juliana for tagging me. It really made me thank God more for what happend to me the past year.

1. My parents for everything they've done to make me the way I am today. For the unconditional love they're giving me and all sacrifices they do for me.

2. Good health for my parents specially to my Mom since she had a brain stroke 2 years ago.

3. Good health for me too. Thank God, I wasn't hospitalized last year. For the past 3 years, I always get sick.

4. My bestfriend Christie. Even though we're miles apart, she always makes me feel that she's always there for me to support me and never let me down.

5. Friends who are always there for me.

6. My career. Although sometimes I'm getting tired of my job, still, I'm grateful because some people don't even have work.

7. My 4 dogs. They make me more responsible person. c",)

8. Paid Blogging and meeting new friends here in the Blogosphere. c",)

Now, I'm tagging Eds, Nova, Pam, Alpha, jody, & peachy.

1 comment:

NoVa said...

oh jean, thanks for this tag, i'll do this soon.. pero baka after a month pa ha? kasi i'll be on leave at work and have to attend my bf since he'll be here on saturday... by the way, i will be in manila probably on the 28th this month, if we could meet that would be great....

thanks for being a sweet friend to me jean... *hugs*

i'm gonna miss you while i'm away...