Tuesday, January 29, 2008

She "Bangs"

My bangs is kinda long already so I decided to cut it off about an inch or two shorter yesterday. I'm suppose to go to a salon but too lazy to get up and get dress. One thing triggered also is that I saw that our car is not parked on our garage so that means my dad went out. Hay, kakatamad naman mag-commute specially super hot ang weather that day. Well, my being hair stylist that day was a success naman. believe it or not, I didn't use scissors, I used the eyebrow shaver. Hahaha. Yeah, I just held my long bangs and dragged the eyebrow shaver downwards so that my bangs would not be that straight when cut. It should look like a bit "shaggy" din dapat.

***Geez, I look so hagard on my pic! See my eyebags? That's because of more than half a year in graveyard shift!

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Keith said...

Almost makes me wish I owned a dog. LOL. Great pictures! The lei does give the dog a more festive appearance