Sunday, January 13, 2008

It's year of the I lucky this year?

Oh well, it's year of the Rat and I'm year of the Monkey. Am I lucky enough this year 2008? Well, I saw this Feng Shui article in my K Magazine and it says there:

Earth, 30 January 1968- 16 February 1969
Metal, 16 February 1980- 4 February 1981
Water, 4 February 1992- 22 January 1993

You enjoyed a good 2007 because of the #8 Wealth Star. Unfortunately, this year your luck will take a bad turn because of the #7 Violent Star.

This star is associated with physical harm, burglaries and wicked intentions. Always take extra safety precautions. Make sure that your home and your car are properly locked up. Don't be over trusting and never let your guard down, in case somebody wants to take advantage of you. This is not the best year to take major risks, too. You should also avoid major confrontations.

Protect yourself and your family home with the 8 immortals gourd in the southwest. Other important charms are the salt lamp and the Jade tree. Placing the Scroll of the Godess and the Rhino in the southwest can also help neutralize the negative energy of the #7 Violent Star.

Oh, it sounds kinda scary to me now. All I got to do is ask The BIG Man up there for some guidance.

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