Friday, January 18, 2008

Weekend at last!

I love weekends...I'm going to see my friends tonight and have a drinking session at my friend's house Reggie. She said she'll be buying a pizza. Actually this would be like a mini-despedida party for our friend Khyng as she will go back to U.S. this 25th... We'll surely gonna miss her again. I'm gonna post some pics tomorrow if I'm not too lazy to get up.

Oh, I'm gonna be having my hair rebonded tomorrow morning here in our house. I prefer home service kasi rather than stay at the salon for 8 hours. At least if I'm here in our house, I can pretty do whatever I wanna do and not get bored just sitting in a salon or parlor.

Gotta take some sleep!

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idealpinkrose said...

wow~ that's a good idea to do it at home. I can't stay at the salon for 8 hours either..hehehe..

hi sis! thanks for your vote, because of you my blog won the best blog award. thank you so much!

have a nice weekend!