Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Ms. Lazy

I don't know what's with me nowadays but I am sooo L-A-Z-Y. I sometimes think of not going to work like last night. I don't know, maybe because of the long holiday vacation...my body is still on Holiday mode. Honestly speaking, I started going to work last Wednesday, and boy, I didn't much do in the office. I just read hundreds of emails, did my usual updates on my reps, posted their conversions on the data base, sent some reports and did some taped evaluations. I know that it sounded like I did a lot but that's nothing when I'm really not lazy. My Dysmenorrhea added to my laziness as well. My gawd, after 100 years of not having my period, it suddenly came and with matching PMS pa. Actually, I was expecting my period to come this week because my first pack of Yasmeen pills were exhausted. My OB-Gyne said after finishing my first pack, I have to stop for like 7 days and wait for my period to come. Haay, talk about irregularity of period! Anyways, I hope my laziness in me won't strike me back for this week and for the following days as well. Gotta move on and be positive this year 2008!


Catherine said...

Hi gal, it's absolutely common for us ladies to become "lazy" during period. Sometimes I feel pain and can't do anything at all! At last, I took the old mother's lesson and stop drinking cold water. Least it helps :) Hope you get better now!

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Edcel said...

the middle to end part of this entry rendered me speechless. i can't connect. but anyways, happy new year!!!