Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Things Every Woman Should Try

They say life is short, but let's face it—in a world of routine, debt and stress, it can seem like a long walk on a slow treadmill. Too many women rely on men to make them happy, but it's time to take matters into your own hands. If you feel like your days have been stuck on autopilot, don't worry! We've found 10 real-world ways to take your life from Groundhog Day to grand—in no time flat.

Go on a Non-Diet (If Just for the Weekend)
The Rut:
You avoid the office cookie jar, count the calories in your carrots and refer to yourself as "bad" if you dare enjoy a slice of your own birthday cake. Hating our bodies has become such a pastime that running down a list of flaws to friends actually counts as conversation. How boring!
Try It! Deprivation may be commendable in the Nicole Richie Book of Health but it hardly makes for a full life, so give it a rest already! Enjoy the wine, twirl the pasta and order that slice of Key Lime pie! Just as eating salad for one day won't make you thin, a few fun dinners with friends won't make you fat. And best of all? You'll have memories that will last much longer than those meals.

Book Your Dream Vacation—Go Alone if you Have to!
The Rut:
You've always wanted to see Rome, and you bet the Foie Gras in Toulouse would be heavenly. You'd love to go, but you never seem to have the time and even if you did, you don't have anyone to share it with.
Try It! We'd all love to live out our own Under The Tuscan Sun experience but when it comes to booking the flight? Let's face it—it's easier to make excuses than get off our cabooses and go. The truth is that the time is never "right" to do something amazing. If it were, we'd be having life-changing experiences every Tuesday. You have to make the time. And please, know that you don't need a boyfriend to taste tiramisu in Capri. (Who knows? You might meet one there!)

Cut The Credit Card Noose!
The Rut:
College is a distant memory and your salary's up-to-par—but you wouldn't know it based on your dorm lifestyle! Those credit card payments are really throwing a wrench...
Try It! Call your credit card companies and renegotiate your APR—there's a good chance it's higher than you realize. Then, open up a separate savings account because you are about to save some serious cash, lady.

Kick Your Celebrity Addiction
The Rut:
You log onto your favorite blog every hour and can detail Mariah's favorite foods in alphabetical order. In fact, you know more about the relationship between Nicole and Paris than you do your own friendships.
Try It! Toss the tabloids and pick up the phone. Catch up with old friends, browse your local bookstore and get to know the world you live in, instead of pressing your face against the celebrity fishbowl all the time. Added bonus: There's a good chance you'll start to feel better about yourself when you stop staring at a lifestyle you cannot afford and skin that's been Photoshop-ed!

Date Yourself—Exclusively
The Rut:
You want to find a guy, settle down and have a baby—but another bad coffee date might throw you over the edge.
Try It! If dating has become draining, it's time to go on hiatus. Taking time to enjoy your own life, pamper your passions, hone your hobbies and truly get to know yourself will not only revive your spirit but also make you more apt to look for a solid partner, not just "find a guy." Log onto CitySearch to find great new restaurants to try and learn about events in your area. Plus, the best way to find someone who shares your interests is to indulge your interests!

Work at Your Dream Job
The Rut:
You know that finance isn't your forte and you'd really love to be a writer—but your approaching 30 and now it's just too late, right? Wrong.
Try It! Whether it's writing, accounting or opening your own bake shop, there is no reason you can't be doing something you love while earning a solid paycheck. You just have to be smart about it. Start a blog, take a class or sell cookies out of your kitchen on the side while you work at your current position. The more you indulge your dreams as a hobby, the more likely it is that it will ignite your passion and have you brainstorming new ways to make your dreams come true. Motion creates motion: Sitting there complaining that you missed your chance will get you nowhere fast.

Have Amazing, Meaningless Sex
The Rut:
That hot and sexy Antonio-Banderas-in-his-prime neighbor who always gives you the eye in the laundry room? You know he's definitely not dating material. Still, when he folds his towels and you see his triceps move, well lets just say, the dryer's not the only thing that heats up!
Try It! We all want to find love, but sometimes it's okay to just have a good time. As long as you protect yourself (on both an emotional and physical level) there is nothing wrong with giving into your carnal desires once in a while. Go for it, woman!

Tackle Your Biggest Fear
The Rut: Be it spiders, heights or public speaking, every gal has something that leaves her shaking in her stilettos.
Try It! No one's suggesting you sleep in a cemetery—but taking small steps to overcome your fear is healthy! Not only will it increase your confidence; it will also likely show you that you have given whatever it is more power than it deserves.

Let Go Of The Past
The Rut:
You've had the same look since college. You even wear some of the same clothes. Yes, you were a total cutie back then—but that was 10 years ago!
Try It! If you're still wearing the same lip shade you wore in biology, get thee to a makeup counter pronto! You may not realize it but your attempt at holding onto your youth may actually be aging you. Trends, face shapes and body types change over the years, which is why it's important to freshen up your look every so often. You don't have to go drastic but a few highlights, a new cut and some up-to-date fashions can help you seeing yourself in a whole new way.

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