Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Beautiful & Sexy Awards

Joey gave this award to me... Thank you sooo much!!!
Wow, I feel I'm so sexy and beautiful... But what's important is not the outside but the beauty and sexiness of each and everyone of us INSIDE.
I pass this award to Pam, Vina, Linsayhi, Marie, Toni, Allinkorea & Rems.


Norm said...

hi Jean! sexy and beautiful friend like me, hehehe.. I got tag for you in my site...just visit me there...God bless you

Pam said...

hi jean... thanks

Marie Grace said...

Hi jean! sorry late na talaga ito pero na busy po me talaga sa kahahanap ng job at apply online...anyway, i will do this tag tomorrow...so far, 3 kayo nag tag sa akin nito so, isulat ko nalang kayo lahat ha in one post...i hope ok lang...enjoy your weekend!