Saturday, November 17, 2007

Baldy and Ugly

My dog Puffy is not as cute as he was before... :-(

We really needed to get him groomed because most of his hair around his body is tangled up! Gosh, I spent P500 for his grooming! I'm just spending P200 for my haircut and my poochie's cut is more than mine!

My mom took him at the veterinary clinic around 9am, and I picked him up around 3:30pm... Upon seeing him, I got a little sad because he doesn't look good. He's not a cutie pie anymore. The doctor said his fur will start to grow back in a month's time and his fluffy hair in about 3-4 months. Hah! That long? I can't wait!

Baby Puffy

Ugly Puffy

Oh no! He looks like a Hyena!

Before he was groomed...

Long-haired Puffy

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