Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Yesterday afternoon while watching a noontime show in my room, our 4 dogs started to bark at the same time. I felt dizzy so I just yelled at them to stop barking. I lay down flat on my bed. Looking up my room's ceiling, I noticed my mini chandelier's little crytal balls are moving left and right. That's when I realized I'm not dizzy after all, it's an earthquake. I felt scared because I was alone in the house. I just cuddled my little dog and waited for the quake to stop.

In the news, Manila was hit by the earthquake with intensity 3. The magnitude was only 5.4 and thank God, there wasn't any reports of damage or injury...

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Liza said...

Bakit ganun si lokii hindi nag bark? Pero ako lang nakaramdam dito sa amin. By the way. You're tag! Hope you don't mind doing it. TC.