Friday, November 23, 2007

At last...

it's Saturday once again and it's my day-off. Weehee!!!

Okay, I got out in the office at exactly 10am. Some of my reps asked me if I want to join them go to SM and eat fishballs and kikiam...of course I said yes. It's been a month since I last ate those street foods. My mom doesn't want me eating those food specially the ones talaga sa street. I might get cholera daw. It's not everyday naman when I eat those eh.

After that, we just strolled at the mall. We were trying to find a silver necklace for Pam's boyfriend (one of my agent) at Silver Best. To my surprise, even Silvers are kind of expensive na din pala! Pam was eyeing a silver dog tag and it cost P2k plus! And I saw a Tiffany & Co. heart chain look alike necklace and it cost P5k! Whew! I didn't know that they're pricing silvers as such!

Then I went to the kiosk of Star Cruises, I asked the Sales Executive for some brochures and a quotation of their traveling fee. Upon seeing just the picture of the gigantic ship, I wish I win the lottery so that I could experience the brilliance of a World-Class Megaship in Asia Pacific. I wish to cruise someday, who knows I'll have excess money on my Christmas bonus. Asa pa! c",)

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