Sunday, December 23, 2007


Wohoo! One more day to go it's Christmas already! Well, as for me, I'm gonna be spending my Noche Buena at the office because I have work (yeah, I work in a call center). I'm not that sad probably I got used to it...hey, I've been doing this job for almost 7 years! I'm gonna spend it with my agents. We're gonna bring lots of food like spaghetti, fuit salad, ube, steak, ice cream, etc... name it, we've got it. LOL.

After work, my parents will fetch me at my office and we're going to hear mass at the cathedral. I'm sure there would be a lot of kids with new clothes and things nyan with crisp money pa inside their tiny bags. Hehehe.

After hearing mass, we'll be heading at my grandma's house to meet all of my titas & titos, as well as my cousins too. We're gonna give the gifts to them and open them up at the same time. Haay, meron pa kaya ako makukuha?

That's all for now... gotta sleep coz I still have work tonight.

***got a little sad today coz I saw this message from a blogger (Software) telling me that I get most of my articles from his blog. My gawd, I don't even know that he exist! Well, maybe it's just his style to get my attention and get me visit his blog for more hits...

Anyways, Have a Blessed Merry Christmas to All of You!

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alpha said...

merry christmas jean!