Friday, December 28, 2007

Me, as an entrepreneur

Working in a call center is a bit tiring. I always have to do this routinary set up in our office. I sometimes wants to quit from our company and put up my own small business for a young entrepreneurship.

I really want to have a company of my own someday. Like my aunt whose an entrepreneur, she manages her own time and still enjoy life being with her family and friends. She also gets to meet a lot of people and clients who in the end becomes her friends too.

I came across with Zeromillion, the top entrepreneurship resource online, wherein it teach entrepreneurs wannabe's the step by step guide to starting your own business. The have a lot of articles regarding business, E-business, Economics & Policy, Entrepreneurship, Financial Service, Personal Development and alot more. Who knows, I could be the next Bill Gates. c",)

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