Sunday, December 2, 2007

The "KHYNG" has arrived!

Khyng is my/our friend since we were highschool but we became so close when we were in college. She's here and on vacation until January. Well, I'm so happy because the last time I saw her was during her despedida party (she went to US kasi...) last 2001! That looong!!! Yeah, she was still single then and now, she came with her family, Nicko, her husband and Adam, her baby.

This coming Sunday (December 9), she's gonna celebrate her baby's 1st birthday. I'm sure it'll gonna be all fun for the kids! I hope I have a baby na din. :-( ...... Oh well, maybe I'm just gonna have fun with my friend's babies. I'm gonna see Jane and Yvette there too. Jane's gonna be with Sophia while Yvette's gonna be with Bianchi and hopefully see her bunso, Beyonce'.

Annette, we're gonna miss you at the party! Wish you're there with us din.


Cecil Delloza-De Jesus said...

hi jean! how are you? got a tag for you? sensya na ha, dont know where to leave my message to you. anw pls visit na lang my blog for details! ingat!

Jane said...

hi! see you :)

Annette said...

wow.. I wish I was there, too... inggit ako.. anyways, enjoy..