Thursday, October 11, 2007


I am really...

I've been out since 5am today. Where we went? 168 Mall in Divisoria! It's one of my favorite shopping malls actually... Best bargain prizes ever!

I know I'm not skinny but I bought myself a skinny jeans for only P350! And I bought a big maroon crocodile hobo bag for the same price too.

Aside from that, my mom, aunt and my cousin camille bought some party favors for my "mommy's" birthday bash this coming October 14 at Fontana. It'll gonna be like a children's party but all adults ang mga guests. LOL.

I'll probably come back there by November to buy some stuffs for this coming Christmas.

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NoVa said...

hahaha, i can relate with you being exhausted though,

been there many times with my sista from Laguan, men, just too many crowded... i dont really like going out but i dont have a choice, its time for me to go home a day before we visited divisoria eh...pasalubong u know...hehehe