Thursday, May 8, 2008

They've called already!

...but I missed it. Boohoo. I got 3 missed calls from the company I'm telling you here. I left my phone inside my locker and when I checked it during my lunch break, I saw that I got some missed calls. I saw that the first call was made 10:32am, the second call was made 10:40am and the last one was made 10:57am. Guess what time I went down our building to have my lunch break? 11:05am! My gawd, is this a sign that I'm really not for that company? Huhuhu.


Dana said...

Sorry for the missed calls... Just hold your mobile phone all the time:)

Just hopping here..

CeL said...

sayang naman! di bale wait ka pa rin baka tumawag some other day? :) anyway can u add my other blog to ur blogroll: thanks!

lira said...

tagged u here jean