Sunday, May 18, 2008

My Own One

For the past few weeks, I'm still contemplating whether or not to get my own domain. I'm not that sure if I can always blog for life. Like this My So-called Life, this is my first ever blog where I can feature everything about me, It's my other blog that I sometimes neglect to update.

One thing that's holding me back is that I don't know much about computers (rss, html codes, feeds, etc...).That's why nowadays, I keep on bugging Eds and Nova to help me out in finding a user-friendly domain/website for me. Kung hindi, maloloka ako. LoL. Maybe when I find one which is suitable for me, I'd give up one of my blogs and just maintain two. Three blogs is too much for me to handle (that is if I'll get my own domain).

Any help from you guys?


JeFf & NoVa said...

sis and i'm glad that i have help u with those troubles...

SearchingWellness said...

Hi Jean Marie, can we exchange links here as well?