Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Should I?

I'm working in one of the call centers in Clark for almost 7 years. Loyal? I don't think so. I've been with the company because my friends are there. The work is A-ok. The salary's not bad.

Since I graduated from college, I applied in our company without knowing what's in it for me. I really don't know what kind of job I'm entering to. I just went out with my college friends telling me that we're going to apply in this company where the compensation is great. So I said, Okay.

Way back 2001, whenever someone asks me where I work, I always say our company's name. And when I'm asked what nature of work do I have? I say call center. That's where I always see their puzzled face. Asking me again "ano ulit ang work mo?", that's the time I say "telephone operator po"... Funny but true. That time, people doesn't understand & know what a call center is not until around 2003.

And now, there's this newest call center in Clark. Some of my friends applied and got transfered there already. Compensation and benefits are great as well as the salary. Very, very enticing. As for me, I'm thinking whether to try my luck there or not. But there's this thing inside me that makes me sad leaving my current company. Maybe because I've been with them for a long time and it became my comfort zone already. Maybe it's time for me to spread my wings and leave my so-called second home.

As what they say:

Midnight coffees. Birthday pizzas. Accentuated english. Dashing clothes. Irate customers. So much money, so little time. Late night parties. Sunrise beers. Crush on coaches. Fight for appraisals. Die hard friendships. Tears for love. Nothing missing, just everything. People call it CALL CENTERs. We call it "LIFE".


JeFf & NoVa said...

for me jean? lets just say, i think you have contributed enough to your old company, they wont hold you back if they would know that your only seeking a higher and brighter future.

i'm also leaving my almost 6 years company for a new endeavor which is obviously different as yours and it finds me that difficult to even turn over my position, as i started to love and been more sincere with it, but i have to move on diba? for my own self, i have to let go of my alma mater and face another challenge.

that way, it will helped us enhance not only for ourselves but looking another environment. although is pretty much hard to adjust into a new environment again.

i hope that helps... musta na ikaw?

buzz me when you have time...

Rainier & Katrina said...

i agree with you. I'm working in a call center as well for more than 7 years. Tama ka nga, as much as I want to move on, nagiging hindrance na kase parang naging comfort zone mo na kase e lalo na with the friends you have in the company. Aside from the high paying salary and benefits as well. Dilemma ko rin yan sis. hehehe!

Vina said...

hi jean! go for it jean! i hope you get the call back. ako, been working for a bank for 11 long years. i recently applied for a call center and i'm actually wishing they'll get me. i'll have my second and final interview this tuesday. before, i really didn't want to resign from where i'm working, much less go to a callcenter, but i get it's just destiny if the job is really meant for you. baka pareho pa tayo ng company na inaaplyan ah. or baka eto yung present office mo LOL :-) good luck sis!