Tuesday, April 22, 2008

One Team, One Summer

A friend of mine bid farewell to our company after 7 years of working in a call center. What we did is planned a little summer getaway. We're supposed to go to Puerto Galera however, one of our friends is 8 months pregnant so the farthest we could go with her is Subic. We can't leave her behind 'coz she's the clown of the group.

We stayed overnight at All-Hands beach resort inside the freeport. Their villas are not that good and the service is poor. Sooobrang bagal. What's nice is that the villas are just beach front. Yun lang. I got myself a henna tattoo (Chinese character meaning Goodluck) and Vina, my other friend, got herself a butterfly henna tattoo.

Vina's Butterfly

Goodluck Chinese character for moi

Shey, Me, Judy & Vina

Shey, Vina & Me


alpha said...

hi jean! oo nga, tagal mo absent hehe.. making the most of summer :D

JeFF & NoVa said...

nice.... ganda naman ng pag swimming nyo.. night swimming.. di ma intindihan ng fiancee ko yan.. when you say swimming daw kasi dapat there is sun daw... ewan ko ba uy...

bahala sya basta i love to swim without no sun around me... di nakakaluto ng balat...