Thursday, April 24, 2008

Men who are Hot

Tagged by Arlene.

The question is : Who are the men you want to sleep with if you were single?

My gawd, Arlene, you made me think hard on this one. Hehehe. Anyways, these are the men that came up on my mind first.

First is Piolo Pascual. Who could resist this very charming man? One time he had a mall tour at SM Clark and I can't believe what I did! He passed in front of me and my friend and I just blurted out "I love you , Piolo!". Hahaha. Remember the Sprite commercial where a girl shouted "I love you, Piolo!"? That's exactly what happened! Hehehe.

Second is Marc Nelson. Need I say more on this one? Just look at him. He's like He-Man!
Third is David Cook. Not because I'm watching American Idol right now, I love him when he's singing.

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Arlene Tabamo said...

thanks for doing the tag. aba bongga si papa piolo dami ng me gusto sa kanya :)