Thursday, March 20, 2008

Schools of Fashion

Dreaming of being a fashion designer someday? A friend of mine do. Problem is, she doesn't know what school to go for because as we checked the web, there are thousands of schools to choose from. Since she's residing in California, she thought of focusing in looking for a good reputable school near their area.

As I help her search for a school, I've learned that taking up fashion designing is not that easy as I've thought specially Fashion Schools in California.

California has many fashion-focused areas, especially Hollywood with its influence on the film industry. If you are interested in learning in one of the leading fashion and trend-setting states, then you should consider California fashion schools.

As a fashion design student, you will have the opportunity to learn the latest strategies and techniques of the fashion industry including, computerized pattern-making, flat pattern drafting, sewing, draping, and more. You need to provide the creativity, imagination, and innovation, but if you have great design ideas you can easily learn the specifics of the fashion industry.

In other fashion school in California, you can also obtain a degree in fashion design or fashion merchandising. Graduates of the fashion design program will be qualified to work as designers, assistant designers, fashion stylists, pattern makers, fashion illustrators, and more, while graduates of the fashion merchandising program will be ready for management and/or executive training positions.

Some schools prepare students for professional careers, develop creative individual thinking, and to develop in its students a sense of uniqueness. By offering a balanced curriculum to up-and-coming fashion designers.

Some fashion schools in Los Angeles offers associate's and bachelor's degrees in fashion design, fashion marketing, and combines the two in a bachelor's degree of fashion design and marketing. You can choose to specialize or to integrate both fields, coupling the advertising, marketing, and retail know-how of the marketer with the creativity and artistic talents of the designer.

I hope my friend get to choose the right school for her. :-)

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