Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Lola's Angel

I can't exactly recall when and how did my Lola started to like Angel Locsin. As far as I remember, it was during the "Mulawin" days when she got loco over this sweet showbiz darling. I tell you, she can almost talk about Angel all through out the day. Just don't say something negative about her star idol because she can debate for life for her. Imagine, she can stay-up in her room the whole day watching her Mulawin DVD's or whatever Angel movies she got there. She is that dedicated to her Super Star. From showbiz magazines, teleseryes such as Lobo, and even the Angel Locsin perfume from Avon (I gave the perfume as a gift to her last Christmas, kunsintidor din ako. heheheh).

See my Lola's magazines with Angel in it?

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Anonymous said...

Your lola is still young at heart! I'm glad to know that she loves Angel Locsin. I'm a big fan myself and I'm turning 40 next year.

Good for Angel, she has a mom in me and a lola, too.

My best regards to your lola!