Saturday, February 2, 2008

Morning shift at last!

Finally, after almost a year in graveyard shift, I'm gonna be having a real transition schedule! It used to be from graveyard shift (8pm-6am) to graveyard shift (12mn-10am). Now it's gonna be from graveyard shift (12mn-10am) to morning shift (6am-2pm). I know it's still not the office hours schedule I'm dreaming of but it's much better than my previous schedule. I'll be having this schedule for like 3 months only so I better get the most out of it. Then I'm gonna be back in the graveyard shift again for like a year or so. :-(


silvertooth26 said...

I know you, you know me, but please don't reveal me... :) I'll talk to you offline!

Well, I've been in the GY shift since mid 2004 and while I can't say I love it, I like it as I get to have weekends off!

My Sassy Mind said...

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My Sassy Mind

Arlene said...

Hay sis, ganda na ung 6am to 2pm.. dami mo nang mapupuntahan after ng shift mo.. enjoy your (short)morning shift.. this is a typical life in a call center, lols :)